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Civello Auto Shippers, Inc.

Dispatch: 281-828-7201
MON - FRI: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

20820 Park Row Dr. Ste. E ~ Katy, Texas 77449 map
License Number ICCMC 427869



Terms & Agreements

Terms and Conditions by Civello. Your Vehicle Shipper and Vehicle Mover. Your Nationwide Auto Shipper

Terms and Conditions by Civello. Your Vehicle Shipper and Vehicle Mover. Your Nationwide Auto Shipper 1. No loading of vehicle with goods.

2. Alarm systems must be disarmed.

3. Additional fees incurred before or during transit, such as storage fees or disabled fees, must be paid before we deliver your vehicle.

4. All service is door to door, fully insured by the transport carrier, and all transport carrier crews are screened and approved for quality assurance.

5. A $200.00 deposit fee is required. Should the order be cancelled and cancellation was requested not due to any non-performance by Civello Auto Shippers and deposit was made by by check or credit card - an administrative fee of $50.00 will be assessed. If cancellation occurs and vehicle has been assigned to a truck and we are not given proper notice the owner/shipper will not be entitled to a refund of monies already deposited. The deposit must be made within two weeks of receiving this quote in order to lock in the quoted price. Quote price is valid for 21 days from date of quote.

6. All dates are approximate, no dates are guaranteed. However, our drivers are instructed to call within 12-24 hours before pickup and within 12-24 hours before delivery so that you can plan accordingly. If a truck is sent to pick up the vehicle and it is not available or has been moved, or can not be picked up for any other reason, an additional fee of $200.00 is added to the transport cost whether the vehicle is shipped or not. If there is no one to receive the vehicle when carrier arrives it is agreed that it will be stored locally at the shipper's expense.

7. Economy shipments are picked up with the next available carrier. The Economy shipment option costs less but requires more time for pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Most economy transports are at least 21 day jobs for pickup and delivery. The Premium option provides faster delivery of your vehicle but cost more. Economy saves money, Premium saves time. All initial quotes are economy. You may upgrade from Economy to Premium at any time by paying the additional $200.00 per vehicle fee.

8. As stated earlier, an additional winch fee will be applied to any non-operational vehicle, including vehicles that become non-operational during transit.

9. There is a pre & post trip inspection report done for each vehicle. A person must be available to sign the pre or post trip inspection. Any claims for damage must be taken up directly with the delivering motor carrier, and if there is any damage, the liability for same lies solely with the delivering motor carrier. Civello's will assist owner/shipper with necessary carrier information (name, insurance information and phone numbers of the particular motor carrier used for transport). Signing the Bill of Lading at destination, without notation of damage, will be evidence of satisfactory delivery of vehicle. Under no circumstances can owner/shipper make a claim without proper documentation of damages on Bill of Lading at time of delivery. So check your vehicle before you sign the Bill of Lading. The carrier is responsible for your car as long as he has possession.

10. Our sole responsibility is to arrange transport for your vehicle. We are not responsible for damage due to heat or cold, or damage to canvas tops, low dangling items, non-standard equipment, etc.

These terms are the only ones in effect and can be amended only in writing. If any provision or part of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, all other parts of this agreement remain in effect. A copy of this agreement must be signed by the shipper and is considered to be in effect even if not done so.