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Civello Auto Shippers, Inc.

Dispatch: 281-828-7201
MON - FRI: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

20820 Park Row Dr. Ste. E ~ Katy, Texas 77449 map
License Number ICCMC 427869



Shipping Process

Civello - Your Trusted Car Mover for Door to Door Automobile Transporting

vehicle shipper At Civello's we consider consumers, brokers, dealers, and drivers more than a are our partners. Our dispatchers will work with you to assure your vehicle is transported in a timely fashion. We are one of the best car haulers around!

Car Mover Scheduling:
First, you should schedule your move as far in advance as possible, giving us enough time to arrange for an auto carrier to pick up your vehicle. The more time you give us, the better we are able to meet your requirements. If you are not available during pickup, please arrange an alternative party (neighbor, friend, or relative) who has the authority to provide us the keys and sign the paperwork for our car mover services.

Our service is door to door but please do understand that in most residential neighborhoods it is very difficult to navigate an 18 wheeler in an area where there are low hanging wires and trees which may damage vehicles on the truck. For this reason, the driver of our car haulers may ask you to meet him nearby at a local shopping center or garage. The same will apply for the delivery.

Personal Effects on Our Car Haulers:
It is advised to NOT leave personal effects in the vehicle. We will allow up to 100 lbs of weight in the trunk, but please make note of the following:

nationwide auto shipper Too much weight can cause damage to the underside of the vehicle. Should this happen you are liable for the damage.
The Department of Transportation states that a car mover cannot move personal effects inside the vehicle.
Loose items can fly around damaging them and the inside of your vehicle.

These items will NOT be insured so no responsibility will be taken for them.

Delivery by Our Car Mover:
If you or any of your party is not available to receive the vehicle upon delivery of our car mover, it will be kept in a safe storage facility where you will have to pick it up, this may be subject to additional charges.

Equipment Available
At CAS, we consider what you are shipping and we match the perfect trailer with your load. You can rely on us for professionalism when it comes to moving your equipment or transporting your general goods.

vehicle mover Flatbeds
Lowboy Trailers
Stepback Trailers
Dry Vans
Plus many more...


For moving heavy equipment we have assembled a team of experts that provides a professional approach to transporting freight, whether it is 10 miles or across country, we are a nationwide carrier and dependable shipper. Whether you are shipping junk or shipping hazardous material, we can ship and dispose.

Just remember when it comes to transporting, we are your equipment transport company, equipment shipper, furniture mover, farm equipment mover, boat mover, freight transport, golf cart transport, boat transport, package mover, dry goods mover, commercial truck mover, liquid freight mover, pipe mover, pipe transport, freight shipping, furniture shipping, heavy machinery mover, tractor transport, lawn mower mover, construction equipment mover, 55 gallon drum mover, LTL freight mover, skid mover, pallet mover, printed material mover, general freight mover, antique furniture mover, hazmat mover, general goods mover, special care mover, junk removal transport, refrigerated transport, flatbed transport, hot shot transport, container mover, dry van transport, vehicle transport, truck load freight mover, flatbeds, stepdecks, RGN, freight carrier and junk hauler.

automobile shipper Machinery
Front End Loaders
Farm Equipment
All Types of Trailers
Pipes, Valves & Parts
Construction Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment & Freight (anything on wheels or tracks)

General Goods
When it comes to transporting furniture, LTL freight or even antique shipping, we are skilled at the art of making your shipment fast, safe and efficient. Skid moving, liquid transport, pipe mover and dry goods mover is who we are.

Furniture Shipping
Antique Shipping
Piano moving
Art shipping
Pool table moving
Freight Shipping
LTL freight
Truckload freight
Plant moving
Grain transport

Golf cart moving, car transport or anything on wheels, we are the best carrier for the job and the most dependable auto shipper. Boat Transport, motorcycle transport, Jet Ski moving, no problem, we are on the job.

Racing cars
Golf Carts
Jet skis
Sail Boat Movers
Yacht Transport
RV Transport
Travel Trailer Transport

Payment for our Automobile Transporting Services:
We accept cashiers checks, cash or money orders, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). No personal checks are accepted.